Free Baby’s First Birthday Cake

birthday cake Congratulations! Your baby is turning one and hitting a very big milestone. Will you have a huge party with lots of family and friends, or a small, quiet celebration? Whatever your plans, you can take advantage of a little-known fact to get a free birthday cake.

I have gotten a free birthday cake for each of my older two children for their first birthdays, and I plan on doing the same when my youngest child turns one.

The free birthday cake is as close as your favorite grocery store. Most grocery stores will actually give away an entire birthday cake to you for baby’s first birthday. Just go to the bakery section or customer service to ask. While the stores don’t always advertise this offer, it is there and available for the taking.

You will need to order your free cake in advance. Depending on the store, you may need to order your cake anywhere from one day to one week early. The store may ask to see your baby’s birth certificate to prove he or she is actually turning one. When you order your cake, you’ll usually have your choice of cake flavor and icing.

You might be wondering if the free baby’s first birthday cake is plain. Well, yes, the free cake is usually just a simple looking cake with white icing and your choice of blue or pink flowers or maybe balloons. But you can choose to upgrade to a bigger or more elaborate cake. You just pay the difference. For example, if you have your heart set on a character cake, such as the Elmo one we did for Andrew’s first birthday, you can purchase a decorating or character kit. The bakery will do all of the decorating for you and just charge you for the kit itself.

Cake sizes and types can vary by store. The Acme that is nearest to me offers a 1/4 sheet cake, while the Giant offers a 1/2 sheet cake. I have heard of some stores that offer a full sheet cake for free. There is no harm in going to multiple stores (different store brands) to get multiple cakes, if you will have a lot of mouths to feed. Getting more than one cake will also allow you to try out the different bakeries to see which you prefer. The stores and their bakeries are probably hoping to get your loyalty when you are ready to order future birthday cakes.

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