Free eBooks for Your Kindle – Week of February 8, 2012

Kindle One of the great things about the Kindle is that it makes it way more convenient for you to carry around the book that you are currently reading. tends to offer free ebooks for the Kindle, that are completely legal for you to download. This week, you might want to check out some free Romance novels on your Kindle. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Irresistible Forces is a romance novel by Brenda Jackson. You can download it to your Kindle from for FREE right now. The story is about Taylor Steele, who goes on a “procreation vacation” with financial tycoon Dominic Saxon. Neither one of them intends on getting into a relationship. But, will they be able to say goodbye when the vacation is over?

The Bride’s Baby is another FREE ebook from This is a Harlequin Romance that was written by Liz Fielding. Sylvie Smith is five months pregnant. She ends up pretending to be a bride for a fund raising event. Unfortunately, the baby’s secret father, Tom McFarlane, has noticed her baby bump.

Dancing in the Moonlight is an eBook that you can download onto your Kindle for FREE right now. This book is a Silhouette Special Edition, and it was written by Raeanne Thayne. Lieutenant Maggie Cruz comes home, and wants to be alone. She especially doesn’t want to be around Dr. Jake Dalton, whom she is dangerously attracted to. It seems their families are feuding. Jake, on the other hand, wants to show Maggie that she is beautiful, and meant to be his.

Nothing But Trouble is another free eBook for your Kindle. It was written by Lisa Mondello. Melanie Summers wants to be a zoologist. Her father won’t pay for her expedition to Africa because he doesn’t think she can manage her Type 1 diabetes while out in the wilderness. To prove him wrong, Melanie embarks on a one month journey through the Wyoming wilderness, with only rodeo cowboy Stoney Buxton to help her.

The Someday List is a FREE eBook for Kindle that was written by Stacy Hawkins Adams. This book is part of the Jubilant Soul Series. Rachelle Covington has a fabulous home, a handsome and prestigious husband, and two beautiful kids. Her husband goes away on a business trip at the same time that the kids are visiting grandma. A friend suggests Rachelle create a list of things she wants to do before she dies. Reconnecting with her past puts Rachelle in contact with her ex, and she discovers that she still has feelings for him.

Image by Mike McCune on Flickr