Free Fast Food Today (and Cheap Food, too)

free sign Is it the fast food industry’s awareness of growing food prices or just a publicity stunt? Perhaps it is a little of both. Since the industry knows that most of us are struggling or at least appalled at food prices, why not offer something free or economical to keep them on our mind?

You may have read my earlier article that talked about the Fast Food Recession Menu and how you can benefit from certain bargains that can be found at fast food restaurants. But lately, it seems that many of these places are getting very noticed by frugal people, who might otherwise stay away from eating out, because they are offering not only cheap food, but free food as well.

Just recently, no less than two different famous ice cream stores, Baskin Robins and Ben and Jerry’s, offered free cone days. I hope you were able to grab those deals. But, even if you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the free cones, you are bound to find some more free or cheap fast food today and in the future.

Have a subway near you? They are offering a deal on their foot-long subs for only $5. While, I’m sure you could still make your own at home for less, at least you know it is a frugal option for dining out, especially if you split a sandwich.

Line up at McDonald’s today. They are offering a free chicken sandwich or biscuit when you buy a medium or large drink. The southern-style chicken sandwich and the biscuit are new menu items. After today, they will sell for $2.89 and $1.89.

If you like iced coffee, especially when it is free iced coffee, head over to Dunkin Donuts for your own cup free of charge. Customers popping by between 10 am and 10 pm will get a 16 ounce cup.

Check out the deals blog for fast food deals in the future, but be sure to compare any costs to making your food at home.

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