Free Frugal Weekend Fun

With a three day weekend upon us, and a long week of school over and done with, it’s time for some fun and relaxation. None of us feels much like packing in a full weekend of activities, so we decided to use some creativity to create a frugal weekend of fun of our own.

For beginners, we have the air show in town for the weekend so we plan to hang out there watching the planes and experiencing the thrill of the fighter jets flying overhead.

However, we decided that after church on Sunday, we might try a neighborhood Scavenger hunt. No we are not inviting the entire neighborhood. It will just be our family. Here’s how you do it:

Either allow the kids to go on their own or place them in groups. Each child or group will need a piece of paper listing the items they are to search for and retrieve. I recommend sending them off with a paper lunch bag to collect their items. Depending on their ages, have an adult accompany the kids around the neighborhood.

An adult might wish to go out and strategically place several of each item in various places around the neighborhood. Keep in mind that other neighborhood children might find the items before your group of kids does.

Here are some things to search for:

post it note

white hair

3 pine cones


band aid



wood with holes in it

penny from a certain year (perhaps the year they were born)


rubber band

rock with fossil in it

piece of cereal (fruit loops, cheerios and trix work well)

flat stone (perfect for skipping)

flower (use a different flower for each child/group)

seven acorns

plastic bag (either a baggie or a grocery bag)

nail file



business card


five different types of leaves

used tea bag

empty can

unused bird nest



paper clip (might even use colored clips)


piece of paper

Brainstorm some other ideas and just have fun!! Have a great scavenger hunt and share any additional ideas with us!