Free NRA Membership for Active Duty Military

ShotgunThe National Rifle Association exists to “promote and encourage rifle
shooting on a scientific basis.” To that end, they offer a lot of
educational programs for people of all ages. They have a stringent
safety course, and a youth program that is first class. Since 1871,
the NRA has fought to maintain the right to keep and bear arms, and to
improve the accuracy and safety awareness of the gun-owning public.
With millions of members and steady growth, they will continue to do
so. Education is their primary goal. I heartily recommend their
Eddie the Eagle safety program for children in K-6 grades, where kids
are taught four basic steps: Stop! Don’t Touch! Leave the Area, and
Tell an Adult.

NRA membership helps the organization to grow, and to fund its
programs. It’s a bargain at $35/yr. Right now, however, they are
offering free one-year memberships to active duty military (sorry,
retirees aren’t eligible). It’s their way of thanking those that put
their lives on the line for the innocent they are protecting. The
magazine that comes with the membership is very informative, colorful,
and interesting. Additionally, there are many benefits and discounts
attached to the membership.

I don’t know how many of my neighbors are NRA members, but we live in
an area where a household without a gun is an anomaly. They’re a way
of life here, with family activities and events surrounding them.
Last weekend, my son and his Scout troop learned how to properly shoot
skeet (clay pigeons). Their instructor is the skeet teacher for the
local government high school. In large part because of his
familiarity with firearms, David was the only one to rate a passing
score; he got 25/50, and the minimum is 24. For comparison, my dh got
a big goose egg (0) his first time out, and after two years in law
enforcement, still can’t get 25 ;-). I attribute it to his Jr.
Olympic Gun Club
; he says it’s the hand-eye coordination from video
. Of course, he’ll say anything that will get him more video
game time!

If you’re uncomfortable with guns, you should either become familiar
with them or choose not to own them. Just remember that it’s a choice
that each individual should be able to make.

Link to NRA Free Membership for Active Duty