Free or Cheap Online Money Management

I have used Quicken forever. The first version I used was on a DOS platform. I have Quicken online at Intuit’s website; although I haven’t used it to the extent I’ve used my Quicken Desktop. Honestly, I haven’t even explored what the online version is really capable of because I’ve been using Quicken for so long that I’m a creature of habit. I have the Quicken app for iPhone, but it looks like I never set it up to use it.

Quicken Online is now There is also an app for that. I love it. It really does track comprehensively what I’ve been doing. It pulls directly from my bank account without my doing anything and it has my transactions labeled correctly too. The only thing that confuses me is it’s telling me that I’m over my budget. I’m curious about this since I haven’t set a budget. I know I should. Maybe I should ask it how it determined what my budget should be. is the biggest provider with the most to offer in the world of free online financial sites. is a good option because it allows you to pay bills, but billpay is available only in 32 states. I can pay bills for free from my bank’s website, so I don’t need to explore the feature. is new and you can try it free for 60 days. It pulls tuition data on colleges to help you plan college savings. The four-dollars a month looks like a worthwhile investment. The site seems to really help you find the financial path that’s right for you. It’s designed to help you find the bank products that will earn you the most money and save you the most fees. I wonder if there’s an app for that.

What do you use for money management?