Free or Cheap Scrapbooking Embellishments

We all know scrapbooking supplies are expensive. Have you ever walked down the aisles of your local craft or scrapbooking supply store and see what they charge for so called embellishments? Did you know that you can get some of the same items for a lot less?

Eyelets and Snaps – These can be purchased from office supply stores, clothing stores and even online in bulk amounts and altered to fit your projects. Just use some inks, paints or embossing powders and you can make them any color that fits your scrapbooking page.

Silk Flowers – They look exactly like the popular paper flowers and they come a lot cheaper and with a lot more. All you have to do is purchase bundles of silk flowers from a discount chain and cut them apart yourself. You can use them exactly the same way that others use the expensive paper flowers.

Safety Pins – Everybody has safety pins lying around somewhere. Check your sewing kit or watch for safety pins to come on dry cleaning and notes home from school. Again, these can be painted, inked or embossed to fit the scrapbooking layout.

Ribbons – Birthday gifts and Christmas presents always have ribbons and bows tied around them. Cut them off, even in small pieces and you have some for your scrapbook layouts.

Paper Clips and Brads – These can be found at office supply stores and much like the other items, can be altered or changed to make them match your scrapbooking layout or card.

Tags – You can create your own if you purchase an inexpensive template, and not spend money on pre-made tags. You can do what you want, and use the colors you want.

Fibers – Check out the knitting supply section for inexpensive alternatives to fibers that look just as great. Plus you get a lot more and they can be used on all types of layouts and cards.

Keep your eyes peeled for all types of supplies that can be changed, altered or embellished and turned into an awesome scrapbooking layout embellishment.

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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