Free Reading Posters

So you know that you need lots of colorful and cheery teaching aids to keep your little ones attention. So, what do you do, when you are in the middle of a teaching session, and all of a sudden, you notice your child’s face; eyes darting around the room, hand covering mouth as he yawns, and then when you ask him a question, he has no clue what you just went over! No, the answer isn’t that you are failing as a homeschool mom; your child may just need some visual aids to help keep him or her interested in the lesson.

Here are some wonderful teaching aids that are available for free on the Internet. They are all free for you to download and print and use while teaching. There are also some wonderful phonics games included to use as well. Teaching with games is a wonderful way to reinforce skills, without your child feeling bored. Print up these teaching aids, browse through the sites for more freebies, and use them with your child.

For longevity, print games on cardstock. You can purchase a pack of cardstock at Walmart or an office supply store, such as Office Depot. You can also laminate posters and game pieces with clear contact paper or lamination. Make sure to stock up on color ink, and Voila! Instant learning resources for virtually pennies! In fact, it may be a great investment to purchase an older style printer that uses very inexpensive ink, just for your homeschooling materials. You will find that it will save money in the long run on ink. You will also be amazed at how inexpensive ink (and refill cartridges) can be for older style printers.

These fantastic printables are from Adrian Bruce’s site. They link directly to his site. 13 Free Reading Games – Just download them, print them out, laminate them and play.
8 Free Reading Posters – Colorful word lists with pictures of ow, ck, ea, ight & ou – Printable Motivational Reading Posters
Here are some other links:Phonogram Flash Cards, from Jan Brett