Free Sample Stockpile: Creative Uses

shampoo I love getting free samples wherever I can. In an earlier blog, Top Places for Free Samples, I listed the best sources for everything from shampoo to coloring books. But now that you have all of those great freebie samples, what do you do with them? Well, here are some of the ways I use up my free sample stockpile.

My favorite way to use free samples is by creating my own custom travel kits. I have a kit for my husband and myself, one for my older two children and one for the baby. The sample sizes are perfect for traveling, and I never have to pay for tiny bottles of shampoo. Into the adult kit, I put shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, facial wipes, soap, lotion and hand cream, hair spray, toothpaste (and toothbrushes) and feminine products. My older two get their own shampoo, soap, lotion and toothpaste. The baby is pretty easy. His kit has disposable baby wash cloths and baby lotion.

Another good use for free samples is in gift baskets. All of those samples can add a lot to a pampering gift basket for a friend’s birthday or a holiday. I use my most luxurious and largest-size samples for gifts. Samples such as Burt’s Bee’s hand cream, pretty little bottles of perfume and even sample bath salts are perfect for gifts. For kids, you can take advantage of all of those free coloring books and crayons, as well as free toys.

Finally, a really nice way to use up some of that sample stockpile is by donating items to a shelter. Women’s shelters, pregnancy crisis centers and homeless shelters are great ways to make a difference. These shelters are always in short supply of personal items. Those tiny boxes of cotton swabs, personal hygiene cloths, razors and lotions work well for donation. There are also many programs that sponsor donations for the troops. They are thrilled to get items to ship to our hard working men and women.

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