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The word free in scrabble tiles Don’t you love getting free things in the mail? Did you know that Walmart offers sample products for free on its website?

I have been taking advantage of the Walmart free samples page for a long time. From hair care and deodorant, to free contact lenses and dietary supplements, there are a lot of great samples.

The sample page is updated on a regular basis with new offers. I usually check the page once every week or two, to see what new samples are available. You can choose to take advantage of just one sample, or sign up to receive all of the samples. Signing up is easy, and there are no long surveys to fill out or hidden offers that you must complete. You may be asked a three or four quick questions, such as your age and your favorite brand of product, but the questions are quick and easy to answer.

It seems that Walmart has partnered with “Start Sampling” to bring you these offers; However, this fact is pretty invisible to someone signing up for an offer. The only notice that start sampling is involved is a start sampling url in your browser when you click on an offer.

One of the nice things about the Walmart free offers page is that after signing up for samples, I have not been bombarded with spam or multiple e-mail offers. The only change I have noticed is the fact that I now seem to be on the postal mailing list for Walmart’s weekly flyer.

All of the samples I “ordered” came quickly and in generous sizes. One time, I actually received a full-size bottle of a product.

As I write this blog, the current offers on the Walmart free offers page are:

  • Free Sunsilk hair care
  • Free Dove hair care
  • Free Optix 2 breathable contact lenses
  • Free Soft & Dri Clear Glide antiperspirant
  • Free Digestive Advantage lactose intolerant supplement

As I mentioned earlier, the offers change on a regular basis, so check back often.

Go get your free Walmart offers.

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