Free Spa Treatments, Facials and Makeovers

Did you know you and your friends could get free spa treatments, facials and makeovers just by hosting a Mary Kay party?

Throwing a Mary Kay party is a great way to get together with “the girls” and really do a girly thing. What could be more girly than makeup?

Throwing a Mary Kay party isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. Since Mary Kay representatives are independent businesswomen, they appreciate the opportunity to showcase their products in a party atmosphere rather than schlepping their wares door to door. Wouldn’t you? These parties, whether they generate immediate income for the Mary Kay representative or not, are a wonderful way for representatives to get the word out about their business to not only your friends, but all of their friends too!

Being a hostess for a Mary Kay party will earn you a hostess gift just for hosting the party and then you’ll earn free products depending upon how much Mary Kay cosmetics your girlfriends buy.

So what is so frugal about a Mary Kay party?
Well, you get a free gift and may even get free makeup or other products out of the deal, but you and your girlfriends can get free spa treatments, facials and even makeovers from the Mary Kay representative, depending upon what sort of party you plan with the representative. Now that is frugal and fun!

Here are a few ideas on how to make your Mary Kay party a party to remember:

1. Contact your local Mary Kay Representative (If you don’t know yours, check here) and find out what sort of party (spa, skin treatment, facial) she can do and when she can do it.

2. Make a list of your most fun friends – and even a few mellow ones to invite.

3. Set a date and send invitations. If all your girlfriends use email, go to Evite and send some fun, free invitations by email. Evite can even send timed reminders so your gal pals don’t forget!

4. Plan a fun menu! Following are a few suggestions for great Mary Kay party refreshments.

Go pink! Mary Kay Ash was a lady with style. She chose pink for a reason, so why not go with pink for your refreshments?

Serve a pink lemonade punch made with 2 liters of ginger ale and a half gallon of Country Time Pink Lemonade. Keep the punch cool and cute by making a fruity ice ring in a bundt pan (Pour one inch of water in the bottom of a bundt pan. Pour a bag of frozen raspberries into the water and freeze. Once it has set, pour another inch of water in and add a bag of frozen strawberries. Freeze until party time. At party time, just remove the ice ring from the bundt pan and place it in the punch in your punch bowl. Don’t have a punch bowl? Borrow one or buy one super cheap at a thrift store.)

Serve fun pink desserts like red velvet cupcakes with pink icing, chocolate dipped strawberries, pink frosted sugar cookies or white chocolate chip cookies with just a touch of red food coloring in the dough, or try a real treat and do a chocolate fondue with fresh berries and strawberry flavored pound cake. None of these items are expensive if you make them at home.

Don’t stop the party after your Mary Kay representative has finished her presentation for the evening, watch a great chick flick that is in keeping with the makeover mood like Miss Congeniality, My Fair Lady, Mrs. Doubtfire, Pretty Woman or She’s All That.

Spa treatments, facials and makeovers aren’t cheap and most of us buy our makeup without the benefit of a professional consultation. Throwing a Mary Kay party can get you and your friends some free pampering and earn you some great products at no cost. You can’t get much more frugal than that!