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free sign Have you ever been to a free stuff event? It is very much like a yard sale, except that everything being offered is free. That is right, nothing costs a thing. Free sales are wonderful events. You can find some great items that are wanted and needed. I have seen free stuff events that give away everything from household goods to children’s clothing, from tools to books. If you are lucky enough to find one of these events, be sure to take advantage of it.

I’ll give you some advice on the etiquette involved in a free stuff event, as well as how to find them.

First let’s talk about what you should do when you come across one of these events. Your first instinct might be to keep the information to yourself. After all, you want the first pick at all of that free stuff, right? But in fact, you should tell everyone you know who might be interested. What comes around goes around. The next time someone may tell you about an event that they have come across.

Be a good steward about the event. When you attend, thank the person, family or group that is hosting it, letting them know how much you appreciate their generosity. Take only what you need. There is nothing worse than someone who is greedy and snatches everything up, regardless of whether or not they can use it. Be as generous as the people who are hosting the event. Don’t leave everything a mess. If you sort through clothing, refold the items when you are done. Don’t just toss stuff aside. Bring your own bags and boxes, so you won’t burden the hosts with finding a container for you. If you feel that you go a great deal, feel free to offer some money for it, although chances are that the hosts won’t accept. Instead, you can pay it forward by hosting your own free event sometime or donating your own items to a charity.

Next up, I’ll talk about how to find these free stuff events.

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