Free Underwear

There are a lot of things that I buy used. Underwear isn’t one of them. I draw the line at anything that has touched another’s “safety zone”. What that usually means is that frugal people are generally wearing torn, holey, or otherwise shabby undergarments. I can’t help it. $8 for three pair of underwear on sale, or $8 toward a great sale on tomato paste that I can use for 12 meals. It’s a no-brainer.

My mom buys me underwear. Yes, even at my age (“29 and holding”). They’re a very thoughtful gift. Especially when they’re NOT X-Large granny pants. Those delightful 100% cotton, large-enough-for-two, comfortable undergarments are a large part of the reason I am so excited to find this deal.

Now through June 6th, Jockey and Macy’s are offering a free pair of Jockey Ultimates. No catch. Really. They’re confident that you’ll find the Ultimates to be more comfortable than the granny pants, and definitely more stylish. So what if you’re the only one who is going to see them. I always feel better on those rare occasions when my undies are not shabby. And you never know when you’re going to get in a car accident. That’s one of those things mothers say; in my mom’s case, it goes along with “Semper ubi sub ubi.” (A play on Latin words. Can you figure that out?)

One free panty per customer. These are regularly priced $9.50. Can’t wait to get mine, partially because it’s been so long since I wore a pair of $10 underwear that I can’t remember what they feel like, and partially because the elastic on the pairs I’ve been wearing is so old that it’s permanently molded to a body 12 pounds heavier.

Whatever your reason, make sure to print out the coupon and take it into Macy’s by June 6, 2007. As always, please adhere to the one per customer limit.

Link to Macy’s Jockey Ultimates Coupon

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