Free Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are a great resource that can be had for free and yet used for some many practical applications. Here are some ideas about where you can get free wood pallets and what you can do with them.

Wood pallets are used at retail stores and places of businesses to hold goods, usually during shipment. It isn’t cost effective for the owners of the good to send the pallets back to their suppliers, so usually they are just thrown away. This is such a shame, because they can be valuable and save you money.

Ask your local home improvement store, garden center, landscaping service, lumberyard, grocery store, dollar store, department store, warehouse store, feed store or “mart” store if they have any pallets for free. Go directly to the manager and ask for “no deposit” wood pallets that could be given to you. You will need a truck to haul them home, unless you make an arrangement to have them “dumped” on your property. I know one family who get regular shipments of pallets delivered to their driveway for free. The lumberyard is only too happy to drop them off.

Wooden pallets can have the following uses:

  • To store things outside and off of the ground, such as firewood, tools and more
  • To be used as firewood in wood stove, wood furnaces and wood fireplaces. Most of the pallets are made of hard wood that is nice and dry and ready to burn evenly.
  • To be made into a fence. Just nail the pallets together, add a 2 x 4 on the top and insert a fence post every so often to help keep the row of pallets standing up.
  • To be used for other small projects that require wood, such as a work counter, a table, carving and woodworking projects, rustic trim for your home, toys, etc.

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