Freebies: Dove Health & Beauty Products

If you like Dove Health & Beauty products, here’s your chance to try some of their newest products for FREE!

With all of the negative influences in the media trying to convince us women that we are not beautiful unless we starve ourselves and have all sorts of plastic surgery, it can be a pretty difficult thing to ignore. Dove has come to our rescue with their Real Beauty campaign, showing off the natural and true beauty of what the media would consider “ordinary” women. The goal of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign is to “free our girls from stereotypes,” and to promote healthy mother-daughter relationships.

Right now is offering some fabulous freebies!

Sample products available for free include:

1) New Dove Advanced Care Sheer Moisture and Dove Advanced Care Therapy shampoos, conditioners, and other hair treatments (Click here to order)

2) New Dove Advanced Color Care for Lightened Hair (Click here to order)

3) New Dove Advanced Color Care for Darkened Hair (Click here to order)

4) Dove Calming Night products, including body wash, bars of soap, body lotion, and more. (Click here to order)

(Free sample consists of your choice of either a 1.0 oz. sample bar of soap or a 0.6 oz. sample of body wash and body lotion dual sample packet.)

5) New Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant (Click here to order)

Unlike many other deodorants that claim to not leave white marks, this one actually stays clear!

6) NEW breakthrough formula Dove Shampoos (Try the new reformulated shampoos, which avoid stripping the nutrients from your hair like other shampoos do. Instead they provide moisture that your hair needs!)

7) FREE Dove Campaign for Real Beauty T-Shirt! Your choice of 1 of 3 free Dove Real Beauty t-shirts!

Slogans printed on t-shirts include:

  • 100% Real Beauty
  • Beautiful (translated into four (4) languages)
  • Be Yourself. Be Beautiful.

How to order:

  • Download the T-shirt order form available at the website. (Click here)
  • Purchase $15 worth of Dove beauty care products.
  • Mail in the completed order form along with your receipt and $3.99 to cover shipping and handling.

In addition, Dove will donate $200,000 to the cause of helping to improve young girls’ self-esteem.

8) Free Dove Beauty Tote with purchase. (Click here)

Requirements include:

  • Purchase $20 worth of any Dove Beauty Care products, including face care, body lotion, hair care, bar & body wash, and anti-perspirant/deodorant.
  • Click here to print the order form.
  • Get a FREE* Dove Beauty Tote and product samples (a $35 value). Product samples include a trial size of each of the following: Dove Calming Night Bar Soap, Dove Energy Glow Lotion, Dove Define & Shine Control Gel, Dove Smooth & Soft Anti-Frizz Cream, Dove Cool Moisture Clear Deodorant

Dove will donate $50,000 to help improve young girls’ self-esteem.

Purchases will support a donation to uniquely ME!, a self-esteem program developed by the Dove Self-Esteem Fund and the Girl Scouts of the USA.

(*Free by mail, plus $3.99 to cover shipping and handling, when you purchase $20 worth of Dove beauty care products. From the website: Actual beauty tote size is 13-1/4″w x 12-3/8″h x 4-3/8″d. More information is available on the website.)