Freezer Cooking – Choosing The Right Freezer

frugal living, freezer cooking, OAMCOne of the hardest things people face, when dealing with freezer cooking, is lack of space, or not enough freezer room. Although freezer cooking can be done using only a regular side by side refrigerator and freezer, it is best done when you own a separate freezer chest.

The reason a bigger freezer chest is necessary, is it allows for more storage, and easier organization.

So how do you know which freezer is right for you? It really is not a difficult choice, but I first recommend that you evaluate a few things first.

Before even considering the purchase of a separate freezer, consider first, how often you will use it. If you have never done any freezer cooking before, what if you don’t enjoy it? What if it is not something that is easy for you to make time to do? You do not want to purchase an item, only to find that you might not use it. Especially a large appliance.

In addition to considering how often it will be used, you also need to think about how many people are in your family. How much space do you need? We are a family of seven, and frequently have company over. So it was important that we had a larger freezer to accommodate for the larger sized meals that were to be stored.

Another primary consideration should be space. Where do you plan to store this freezer? Basement? Garage? Do you have enough space in your home to store an extra large appliance like this? It is important to plan out these things before making the purchase so you do not get home and have no idea where you are going to put it, or think you will put it in a space that winds up not being large enough to hold one. Also keep in mind outlet availability.

The very last consideration would need to be price. Once you have made the decision to purchase a freezer, start watching sales ads several times a week. Look at several different locations, discount chains, electronics stores, large appliance retailers and even for sale/trade sections in the newspaper. Keep looking until you find a price you can afford.

You might also wish to research different brands. Ask around to others you know who have freezers, etc. Get their opinions, good and bad. Talk to sales representatives at the store. And do not buy a freezer just because it is the very lowest price. If it is a lesser brand, you will get lesser quality. Trust me! And food storage is not a place to cut corners! That can waste a lot of money in the long haul.

Happy Cooking!

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