Freezer Cooking: How Do I Store My Meals In The Freezer (1)

frugal living, freezer cooking, OAMCFreezer cooking is one of the easiest ways to save time and money. However, with that comes the challenge of what to freezer your items in. Obviously we have to be careful what we store items in, since heating up certain items, in certain ways would be a challenge if we used the wrong type of storage. There probably is no wrong way to store, and I have tried many things and never had anything not work, I’ve just had some items take longer because of how I’ve stored them.

No matter what type of storage method you use, you need to use a permanent marker to mark not only the date, but the contents of the item as well. For instance, from a personal story, we had a brown gravy and meat dish frozen, and then we also had a beef stew dish frozen. One night when we were grabbing something from the freezer, we grabbed one of both (I tend to make some servings smaller). It was quite the surprise when we had it all thawed and found out it was two different meals. We were able to combine the two meals, however they would have tasted much better on their own. So just be sure and mark the date the item was prepared and what the dish is, and it will make finding what you want, that much easier.

Plastic Containers
This was originally my most preferred method. I had purchased several of those AS SEEN ON TV Smart Spins. I absolutely love mine, and they were perfect for freezing. You can write the information right on the lid, and it’s easy to stack them and store them. However, they don’t hold much food. In fact, the larger containers only hold enough for about 3 servings. When you have a large family of seven like I do now, that just won’t work. So if you are a single parent, or someone who is only cooking for two to three people, this method would work really well for you.

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