Freezer Cooking Weekend Preparations (2)

In honor of my upcoming freezer cooking weekend, I thought I’d take some time to share the preparation process up until the cooking day. I am hoping it will be helpful to you to see the steps that one must take to prepare. It takes a little bit of time, but is so worth it at the end.

We’re at the new shopping list point. After you have scratched off your original list with the items you have on hand, it is now to re-write the list. You are only writing down the items you need to purchase at the store.

After you have that list, start scouring grocery store ads. Sometimes I make these lists weeks in advance so I can have a couple of weeks to grocery shop for the items I need and get them at the best prices. However, even if you didn’t do that, keep your eye out for coupons and sales on the items you need to purchase the day you go.

Time for the store. Stick to your list. Do not purchase anything else you see. Period. Stick to the list. Extra shopping for other items is always done at a different time, simply to save the most money.

Bring your purchases home and find a place to store them. At this time, I like to gather all the supplies I will need for my day of cooking and store them in the same place so it makes finding them easier. For some, they don’t have anywhere they can do that, or perhaps you need items like milk and sour cream which cannot be placed outside the refrigerator. Those you will get to that day. Check your original list again and be sure that you have everything you need to prepare every single recipe the number of times you plan to make it.

At this point, you are actually ready to get started on Cooking Day.

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