Friday Fun: What Is Your Scrapbook Style? The Results

Scrapbook Funnies, HumorFinding your scrapbook style is not as easy at it might sound. However I’ve tried to make it easier by creating a quiz. Just answer the questions and find your scrapbook style.

Hopefully you took the quiz, because you will find the results below:

If you picked mostly A’s your style is SIMPLE & CLASSIC. More than likely your favorite scrapbook magazine is probably simple scrapbooks. You seem to enjoy a clean, simple style. You might even enjoy using sketches from time to time to make the whole process easier. No cluttered look for you. More than likely you are inundated with countless numbers of photographs and you are trying to keep it simple so you can catch up, or you are not willing to get creative and find a different style hiding deep within yourself. While there is nothing wrong with a simple, classic look, it might be time to look inside your heart, and let go of the traditional way of scrapbooking. Try out some new techniques, play with some different papers and just plain be creative. For a simple approach to something new, try choosing colors that fit the mood or compliment your photographs. Try taking a class to learn a new technique and implement it on lots of different pages. You might just discover there is another style buried deep within.

If you picked mostly B’s then your style tends to be more HIP AND MODERN. You seem to like new techniques, trying new things and staying on the cutting edge. You are drawn to simple and clean lines, textures and rich colors. More than likely, when friends and family look through your albums, they get a clear picture of who you are, and what your personality is like. You probably don’t like clutter at all, and your journaling reflects that in it’s clean style and textbook look. You might try to get a bit more personal in your journaling and let your thoughts run freely. Since you tend to use different types of embellishments you might wish to try creating a page or two using only one. Try using some textures, softer colors and old style embellishments to give your pages a new look, yet remain true to your style.

If you picked mostly C’s your style is definitely FUN, COLORFUL and PLAYFUL. Most likely you probably have children, or are extremely young at heart. You probably love to laugh and have a great magnetic personality that those around you are extremely attracted to. You might be considered high energy. Although the look is perfect for you, try using some basic embellishments like charms and metals and keep it simple. Since you probably use lengthy journaling and you’re probably extremely personal in your journaling, try some new journaling styles, such as bullet journaling or list journaling.

If you picked mostly D’s your style is very SOPHISTICATED & ELEGANT. A very formal look. More than likely you are drawn to a classic, traditional look with an added elegance. You are highly sophisticated in your creativity and could probably mass produce some award winning heritage and wedding pages. But since the elegant look tends to lend its hand best for Heritage and wedding pages, you might try some new techniques. Try adding some bold, or bright colors, with some texture. Use some new techniques like shabby chic and collage to stay true to your elegant style but lend a flair to your pages. As a sophisticated and elegant scrapbooker, you might tend to forget to get personal in your journaling – don’t let that happen. Try journaling in a letter or note style and be sure that others can see deep within your heart.

If you picked mostly E’s then your style is TRADITIONAL COUNTRY. Although you might classify yourself under other styles as well, this is your main look. You tend to be drawn to muted, soft colors that have a warm and cozy feel. You love the country wall paper look, such as plaids and checks. You gravitate towards raffia and other basic country style embellishments. Anything handmade is probably where your heart leads you to. A shabby chic look wouldn’t be completely out of place in your albums, neither would collage, so try a little of that and watch your style change and grow. Try using new textures and other types of papers to enliven and add to your homespun feel. A favorite technique for a Traditional Country styled scrapbooker, would be tear art. It has a homemade look that is easy to accomplish, and allows for a little texture and creativity. More than likely you have no problem with your journaling, and it probably is very personal to you. Try incorporating song lyrics, poems or quotes. You might even consider writing your own.

So feel free to share your style with me! I look forward to learning more about you!

To Take The Quiz: Click Here

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