Friday Scrapbook Funnies: Evolution of a Scrapbooker

Scrapbook Funnies, HumorScrapbookers are a rare-breed. And watching scrapbooking evolve over the past 11 years since I’ve been scrapbooking has been quite interesting.

I’ve developed my own style, my own way of doing things and a greater sense of who I am through my journaling. It started out in a basic way, took me through many advanced techniques and steps and landed me back where I am today. Which is actually a rather simple, clean scrapbooker.

I’ve had this cute evolution piece on my bulletin board for a few years. I used to share it with my classes to help break the ice at the beginning of a scrapbook class. I don’t remember who sent it to me, and I don’t know where they got it. I just remember it came through my email and I loved it.

I’m sharing it with you today. I hope you enjoy it and get a giggle out of it the same way I did. Have a great Friday and a great weekend!


“Cut a picture? You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Well those sure are cute pages. I’m not that creative.”
“You have IDEA BOOKS? Let me see.”

“I guess I’ll need an album, some adhesives, and paper.”

“Oh, and I’ll also need some templates, stickers, die cuts, and one of those trimmer things.”

“I can’t get my page to look exactly like the one in the book!”

“You mean I have to write in my album? I will need some pens. What should I write?”

“I finished my first page. Do you like it?”

“You know I have a ton of zoo pictures, and Jr. needs his school pages done; I need another album and some more paper.”

“You have printed paper? And precut paper? I’ll take one of each!”

“NEW STICKERS? I’ll take some!”

“NEW DIECUTS? I’ll need those!”



“Wow – even bags and binders to get my supplies organized? I definitely need those!”

“Sorry honey, you’ll have to make dinner – I’m off to a crop!”

“Clean socks are in the dryer!”

“HOLD IT! I HAVE to get a picture of that for the scrapbook.”

“Would you please wear this shirt? I have the cutest paper to use in my layout and it will match perfectly!”

“YES, I came up with the idea myself.”

“YES, That is my own handwriting.”

“YES, I make time to scrapbook.”

“Honey, we need to add a room to the house for my scrapping room.”

“Life is crazy. I just need to crop!”

Tax Time: “Yes, scrapbooking in a medical deduction – it’s my THERAPY!”

Hope you enjoyed!!

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