Friday Funnies: Hiding Your Scrapbook Purchases

Scrapbook Funnies, HumorOne of the most common things I hear scrapbookers joke about seems to be, where to hide their extravagant purchases from their significant others. While I would never suggest hiding anything in any relationship, and lying is not okay with me whatsoever, I have found some of the following answers and stories to be amusing enough to share.

And apparently I am very blessed to have such a wonderful significant other who shares my passion for scrapbooking and not only buys me all my stuff, okay well not all of it, but also enjoys sitting down with me to scrap!

Here are some of my favorite responses to the question asked,

“Where do you hide your scrapbook purchases?”

One lady told a story of actually renting herself a small storage unit, so her husband wouldn’t find out what all she was buying. She’d take a large portion of whatever she bought over to storage, and then gradually bring it home, a few items at a time. She was also known to go over on the weekends, and assemble page kits from her storage room stash, so it was less noticeable. However extreme that seems, it made me laugh.

Another story was told by a woman who was moving. She promised her husband she wouldn’t buy anymore supplies until they got settled in their new home. Meanwhile, while they were packing the house up, she was buying tons of stuff and putting it right into moving boxes. Wonder why he didn’t ask where all the boxes were going, or what was in all the boxes?

More recently, I heard one lady tell the story of when she spent too much on a trip to the scrapbook store. She did not hide the purchases from her husband, but she did go and purchase a huge basket and put everything inside. When she returned home with the big supply filled basket, she explained to her husband that she had apparently entered a contest at her local scrapbook store and won. I guess he was none the wiser, but wasn’t he wondering about the charges on the credit card statement?

Have a great weekend and if you are looking for more scrapbook related laughs, check out the links below.

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