Friday Funnies: Living On A Budget

Scrapbook Funnies, HumorAnother summer week is over and we are still having a blast with the kids home from school. Everyday is a new memory created as we strive to do fun things with them, that we might not always do.

I strive to create special memories and start new summer traditions as the kids get older, and this summer is no different.

We’ve decided to implement a picnic in the park idea at least twice a month (me and the kids, haven’t discussed it with dad just yet!) Each time we’ll try out a new park until we find one that we like the best.

We are also thinking about going camping soon. Another one of those things that will be fun to try out different locations until we together, find a favorite.

I hope your summer is going as well as ours is. I hope you’re keeping cool and enjoying the nice sunny days.

Over on the scrapbooking blog, I am known for my Friday funnies, so I thought I’d bring some sunshine to us frugal people at the end of a long busy week by giving you a couple of jokes to enjoy.

Insufficient Funds
A young college co-ed came running in tears to her father. “Dad, you gave me some terrible financial advice!”
“I did? What did I tell you?” said the dad.
“You told me to put my money in that big bank, and now that big bank is in trouble.”
“What are you talking about? That’s one of the largest banks in the state,” he said. “there must be some mistake.”
“I don’t think so,” she sniffed. “They just returned one of my checks with a note saying, ‘Insufficient Funds’.”

Household Budget
Mother had decided to trim her household budget wherever possible, so instead of having a dress dry-cleaned she washed it by hand. Proud of her savings, she boasted to
my father, “Just think, Fred, we are five dollars richer because I washed this dress by hand.”
“Good,” my dad quickly replied. “Wash it again!”

Money Problems
A young man was having some money problems, and needed $200 to get his car fixed and road-worthy again. But had run out of people to borrow from. So, he calls his parents via the operator, and reverses the charge and says to his dad, “I need to borrow two hundred dollars.”
At the other end, his father says, “Sorry, I can’t hear you, son, I think there may be a bad line.”
The boy shouts, “Two hundred. I need two hundred dollars!”
“Sorry, I still can’t hear you clearly,” says his father.
The operator cuts in, “Sorry to butt in, but I can hear him perfectly.”
The father says, “Oh, good. YOU send him the money!”

New Checking Account
The teenage son was having trouble mastering the fine points of balancing his new checking account.
“The bank returned the check you wrote to the sporting goods store,” his mother said.
“Oh good,” he replied, “Now I can use it to buy some stereo equipment!”

Have a great weekend!!