Friday Scrapbooking Funnies: Some Giggles and Laughs

Scrapbook Funnies, HumorFriday’s here and the weekend is looming ahead! The first full week my children have been back in school. They are loving it and I’m getting much more done around the house. My two oldest are still home, but I don’t mind! I’d be lonely if they weren’t.

I have been getting a bit more scrapbooking done. I just got a huge order of fifty something photos in the mail today, so guess I have to find some scrapbooking time this weekend too!

With all the creative tips and tricks, and all the great products mentioned in the scrapbooking blog this week, wow! There should be no shortage of ideas or things to try! I hope you have an excellent weekend. I think we are going to the zoo! More pictures and more scrapbooking! YAY!

Enjoy the start of a fabulous weekend with a few laughs I’ve collected from all over.

Q: If a tree falls onto a scrapbook in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound?

A: It all depends. Is the tree made of acid-free bark? Are the leaves made of lignin? What’s the pH level of the tree?

Q: Whats the difference between a health freak and a scrapbooker.

A: One lays out her fibre for breakfast the other puts fibre on her breakfast layout.

As seen on Scrapbooking Merchandise:

“Been there, done that, have the Layout!”

Don’t just stand there – Scrap Something!

Here a scrap, there a scrap, everywhere there’s scraps, scraps.

You better be nice or I will crop you out of my scrapbooks.

When life makes gives you scraps, make scrapbooks.

I scrapbook, therefore I am

To Crop or Not To Crop…what a silly question.

Who Says Size Doesn’t Matter? 5X7, 6×6, 8×8, 8.5×11, 12×12

Smile nice! Don’t make me crop you!

Lord, when my memory goes, please help me find my scrapbook.

and one last thing if you’ve read this far….

Dianescraps shared this link on her My Site Blog – it was too funny not to share with all of you publicly!!

The Secret Life Of Scrapbooking

Thanks Diane for the laugh!! I cracked up!

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