Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day Five

Another important aspect of my new album was being able to put all the journaling that I wanted on the page. In the smaller album, I had to cut my journaling down and couldn’t say all that I wanted to say to each friend.

I also wanted to be able to include friendship quotes throughout the album too.

The project began by creating a journaling box for the details of each person’s friendship.

It started out with where we met. This is the location of where we met – some of my friends I met through other people, some at school and some at work or events. For example, one friend I met my senior year of high school in my English Composition class. My journaling then said:

“Where We Met: Dr. Hirsch’s First Period English Composition Class”

I then included when we met. This was a bit more challenging, trying to remember dates and years. I usually just included the year and a month unless I knew the exact date. I also said “senior year” or “when our parents went to bible study together”.

Next I wanted to include how we met. This is the circumstances surrounding our actual friendship. Possibly what made us friends or what event took place that made us become friends. For example, another friend of mine and I met because she was friends with my boyfriend in high-school. She called me up out of the blue one night and wanted to assure me they were just friends. We wound up talking for several hours and I picked her up for school the next day. We are still best friends and it was important for me to share those details of how we met.

The only other information I wanted to include in this journaling box was how long we’ve been friends. I think that was the most fun. Looking back I realize I’ve had several of my friends over 15 years. One friend and I have been friends for over 27 years and we are still close. It made me really think about friendship and what it means to me. And it made me appreciate my friends more, as I really took a look into our friendship.

At this point, I sat down and composed a letter to each person in my album. My journaling consisted of memories that my friends and I had shared, special times, events that took place while we were together and I made sure to include in some way, how they have impacted my life.

Please read the next installment, Friendship Theme: My Personal Album – Day Six by continuing to visit my blog each day. I will be adding an entry a day about this album, until it is complete.

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