Friendship Theme Album – My Personal Album Day Four

It’s finally time to start with the new Friendship Theme Album. I had to make some major changes to get to this point, but I am satisfied that I am on the right track.

The first change I had to make, was the size of the album and pages. I started with a 6X6 album and now I am using an 8.5X11 album. The larger sized album should accommodate more photos, as well as allow for my longer (more wordy) journaling. I chose an album that I could add pages to as I go, so that if I have another friend I’d like to include someday, I can. I also wanted to do this so that I could add more pages for each friend.

Since I noticed that every friend in my album is a woman (although I do have several guy friends), I decided to focus on a more fun, girlfriend theme, in addition to a Friendship theme. I thought I’d focus on the girlie things we do together and that make us “girlfriends”.

After changing the album size, I had to focus on the papers and the color scheme I wanted. I didn’t like the frustration I faced before, trying to incorporate papers that matched the friend, rather than the album. It’s not the most practical way to create great layouts.

I decided that I would work with one color scheme. It would stay uniform throughout the whole album. I wanted fun colors to follow the “girlfriends” theme I was trying to portray. But I also wanted something neutral enough that would allow me to have some fun with embellishments on each page.

It took a lot of thought and trial and error, but I finally decided on the following color scheme: brown, hot pink, orange and a light lime green. I love the way these colors feel together.

I am also a flower addict and love to use them as embellishments on my more girlie pages. I plan to include some flower papers, as well as flower embellishments on each page to keep the uniform look throughout the whole album.

Please read the next installment, Friendship Theme: My Personal Album – Day Five by continuing to visit my blog each day. I will be adding an entry a day about this album, until it is complete.

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