From Crib to Bed – A Toddler’s Fun Move to a Big Kid Bed! (Part Two)

We are now one month away from my girl’s third birthday and the guest bedroom, her new domain, is still in disarray. We had told her that she would be elevated to the big girl bedroom-world in time for her special day but as it stands right now the validity of our promise is in serious doubt!

Over the past couple weeks, we have managed to get in there and at least begin clearing it out. This room has, for the five years we have owned our home, been considered a guest bedroom but those guests have been, for the most part, scrap booking gear, photos and photo albums, off-season clothing and Christmas gifts, among other stray household items without a home of their own. Basically, this room has been our 12×10 junk drawer!

The look of the room is changing, however slowly. Our girl and her mother are having a blast ripping down the old wallpaper, satisfying their inner maniacal lunatic. They can be seen tearing chunks of paper from the walls and throwing the scraps into the air. Our little one takes breaks from her paper removal work to run underneath falling pieces of peach, blue and tan as if she were a hungry, rabid squirrel just released from a cage. It is a sight to behold!

In more positive news, we have found a handyman to hang new paper and rebuild the closet doors which, up until last week when they found themselves out on the curb, consisted of sliding floor-to-ceiling slabs of metal wallpapered to match the room. Yeah, pretty ugly. All the closet doors in our home were of this odd variety a mere half-decade ago when we took ownership of our small ranch home. The guest bedroom closest is the last to be upgraded.

The downside of finding an available, friendly and reliable handyman right now is that we have nothing for him to hang! We visited a local wallpaper store and could find nothing that called out to us “buy me and my cute little border-friend!”

Our daughter loved flipping through all the books, commenting on how pretty all the colors were, but in the end we left empty handed. The store was really nice, with a pile of puzzles and games in the corner to occupy young folks whilst their elders look through dozens of paper books. Our girl quickly ditched the kiddy corner, preferring the wallpaper books full of Eiffel Tower, Solar System and Surfboard pictures.

The search is still on!

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