From Ordinary to Extraordinary

They aren’t cheap, but boy, are they worth the money.

I’m referring to photo editing software programs, and if you own a decent brand, then you probably agree that they are priceless tools to have when your photography skills are not on the same level as Ansel Adams’.

In a previous blog I spoke about the Lexus of photo editing software, Photoshop. It features more special effect photo editing options than the average shooter will ever need. In fact, I know some pros, who own Photoshop, and even they have yet to discover all the gems the software offers.

I don’t own Photoshop, but my friend and former colleague (who happens to be a pro videojournalist) does. The only time I get to experiment with the popular software program is when I pop in to visit. While our daughter’s play together I fiddle around with some of the program’s special effects, such as the Clouds and Lighting feature. By employing the “Render” tool in Photoshop’s filter list, you can add clouds to your picture or create a variety of lens flares and cool lighting effects. I am also a huge fan of the practically endless supply of Photoshop filters you can apply to your images, such as dry brush finishes, watercolor conversion, and smudge stick. You can also choose from vintage photo effects, photo aging, oil pastels, blizzard, rain, and sepia toning.

Of course, Photoshop is not the only special effects kid on the photo editing block. I’m also a fan of Paint Shop Pro’s special effect tools. The more reasonably priced software has features that allow you to paint on images, warp and distort pictures, and create amazing 3D effects. I’ve also used the program’s filter options to add glowing and colored edges to my photos. With just a simple mouse click you can easily turn your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary.

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