Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas For That Special Someone

Being frugal around the holidays is difficult, because you don’t want to seem cheap, yet you still want to get them something they will adore. That special someone on your list is important too. More than likely, they already know you are a frugal person, so you want to do something for them that is special and meaningful, but that doesn’t cost a lot. Here are a few excellent ideas for the perfect frugal, but meaningful gift.

Photo Album
Put together a photo album of your time together, highlighting some of your special times, and including love notes, poems and other mementos that make you think of him or her.

Video Album
Put together a video or slide show of your year together. Add a little romantic music or set it to your favorite song together. You can use a program like Power Point which is extremely easy to use and can be burnt right onto a CD. You can also use one of the better free-ware programs like the Picture Viewer from Fresh Devices.

Special Box of Candy
Purchase any type of candy he really enjoys. Chocolate works better. Open up each candy bar, or the box of chocolates and wrap each individual chocolate or bar in a special note. You can even use quotes or poems for each piece. Be sure to re wrap using some tin foil to keep the chocolate fresh.

Book of Coupons
An oldie but goodie. Using your computer and printer, create some fun and unique coupons that your partner can trade in for services, special evenings, or anything else you can think of. Decorate the coupons and assemble into a booklet. Allow them to redeem their coupons anytime they want.

Christmas Tree Picnic
Have a romantic picnic dinner beneath the Christmas tree. Turn off all the lights and only have the lights from the tree silhouetting your dinner. You can use Christmas scented candles too. Have a bottle of your favorite wine and some soft Christmas music playing in the background. The dinner doesn’t have to be elaborate, just perhaps a favorite. You can do this after the kids go to bed and you are done setting up for the evening, or even right before. This is a great gift when both people conclude that they would rather not do any gifts this year, however it allows them some special time together.

What other frugal gift ideas can you think of for your special someone?

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