Frugal Decorating with Flea Market Finds

After my two part series on Decorating at the Dollar Store, I thought it would be nice to add some great and frugal decorating tips I have obtained from objects I’ve purchased at the flea market as well. The flea market decorating tips are far better than the dollar store tips, because the flea market has a lot more stuff available that can be transformed. See what I’ve done below.

Tissue Box Covers

These can be found at flea markets, garage sales and discount chain stores for just a couple of dollars each, sometimes even less. I purchased three used tissue box covers at a flea market and immediately saw something fun and creative to do with them. I painted them all a solid color (pale white), turned them upside down and placed bunches of colored silk flowers that coordinated with my living room, inside. I then placed them on the mantel. At holiday time we tie seasonal ribbons around them and change out the silk flowers with mums, poinsettias, etc. The effect is gorgeous and nobody knows that they were once tissues boxes and they are a lot cheaper than vases and plant boxes.

Wine/Champagne/Martini Glasses

Crystal glasses whether real crystal or cheap are not used very often in today’s world. Ours have sat for years collecting dust and sitting in a dining room breakfront. After visiting a flea market and finding a mismatched set of three that I got for only $1.00 I immediately saw a new use for them. I pulled mine that were never used out and did the same thing. I am a candle lover so I placed tea lights and votives in them. In the larger mouthed classes I put larger candles in and surrounded the candles with silk flower petals. It looks great. I have used them as centerpieces, mantle pieces, and my end tables have a small cluster on them. It is a very elegant look that cost me practically nothing.

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