Frugal Family Fun For the Weekend

It’s Monday and I am already planning our weekend adventure for next weekend. We like to plan several different ideas so that if it rains or if something unforeseen happens, nobody is disappointed and we still have fun anyway!

With seven of us along on every outing, cost is definitely a factor. So we brainstorm and usually come up with 7 ideas of things we can do. Most weekends we can accomplish all seven things because usually at least two of us want to do the same thing, with a variation.

So here are seven ideas of things you can do with your family this weekend!

Make some games, or an obstacle course. You can fill old socks with dried beans and then use a large cardboard box and make a beanbag toss game. Use a hoola hoop to jump through, or throw a ball through. Use chalk on the driveway and make a hopscotch board, or four square. Be creative.

Bake some cookies. My boyfriend is hounding me for chocolate chip cookies and snicker doodles, so this weekend we are going to make some cookies. All kinds in fact. The kids will help and we’ll probably churn out several dozen!

Make some crafts. Gather blank paper, stickers, markers, rubber stamps, etc. and make cards, pictures, whatever! Just be creative and have fun! There are no rules!

Pitch the tent in your backyard. If you have a long extension cord and small tv, perhaps you could even watch a movie together in the tent. Otherwise just bring a flashlight and a good book! Or just sit and share ghost stories. You could even eat dinner outside in the tent for fun! Careful for the crumbs though – remember the hidden “guests” – ANTS!

Go to the park and feed the ducks. Or go fishing. Or play on a fabulous playground at an out of the way park. Bring crackers for the ducks, worms or cheese for the fish, and a whole lot of energy for the playground. The kids will love it and the ducks and geese will be happy to see you as well!

Make a bird feeder. Our kids are obsessed with feeding the birds. We have two bird feeders in our yard, and they fill them daily to the top. But have some fun this weekend. Using an empty toilet paper roll or a pine cone, cover them with peanut butter. Then simply roll in birdseed. Hang them from a tree branch, or even playground equipment. You can watch them from the window or if your birds are like ours, you will watch them from only 3 feet away!

My favorite is always going to the library. There is so much to do and everyone loves to bring home new books. Keep in mind that there are craft sections. You can check out a craft book and try to make some things in it. Or perhaps a game book and play some of them in the book. Grab a movie if you’re so inclined and watch together as a family.

No matter what you do, you should be smiling, laughing and having fun! It’s Frugal, Family time that’s fun!

What are you doing this weekend?

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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