Frugal Fun: Easter Egg Hunts!

easter eggs A great form of frugal fun for kids is the Easter Egg hunt. Sponsored by towns, civic groups and businesses, they are a great way to have some free fun, go out and meet your neighbors and even get some goodies to bring home.

Starting this weekend, you should be able to find lots of fun Easter Egg hunts in your local region. They will vary by size and activities, so be sure to find out as much as you can about the festivities. I’m sure you’ll find at least one that will be fun for your family.

Easter Egg hunts aren’t just for little kids, either. We will be attending one this morning at our local township park. The hunt will feature more than 5,000 eggs to find. The eggs will be hidden all through the park and the grounds, including a wooded area. Some eggs will be easy for the little kids to find, while others will be hidden for teens and adults, in hard to spot places. There will also be secret “golden eggs” that will yield prizes.

How can you find out about these Easter Egg hunts? One way is to check with your town hall or town office. They should know of any hunts that are local. You can also clal neighboring towns. Regional newspapers should list any hunts, too, under “This week’s activities.” Local libraries and library websites are a good source for local events, such as Easter Egg hunts. Check with civic organizations, such as the Lions Club or the Knight of Columbus to see if they are sponsoring any hunts. Your local chamber of commerce should know if any hunts are being sponsored by area businesses. The Century 21 real estate office here is having a hunt on their grounds, for example.

Make sure to take with you some baskets or sacks for the kids to collect the eggs. A frugal way to do this is to gather any decorative baskets you may already have, or decorate pillow cases with Easter designs. Happy hunting.

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