Frugal Fun: Make Your Own Snow Paint

snow branches It is mid morning here in Pennsylvania, and the snow is gently falling. The big fat flakes are slow and relaxed, too soft to cancel school. The two youngest kids and I are spending the time alternately playing and watching the progress of the snow. Molly is dressing up her magnetic dolls for the wintery weather, and little Henry is working on getting his knees up to crawl. It is a wonderful cozy day, the kind that makes me happy to be able to work at home and spend my morning with my babies.

By the time 3:30 rolls around, there should be just enough of the white stuff to turn the neighborhood into a winter playground.

Before we leave the warm house to walk the couple of blocks to school to pick up my eldest from Kindergarten, I’m going to gather all of the ingredients for snow paint. I know that Andrew will be spending most of his day at school dreaming of playing as soon as he gets out. Having the snow paint all ready will give him a chance to play for a bit before homework starts–a rare event, as I usually make him start his homework right away.

Snow paint, when you make it yourself, is a really frugal and fun activity on days like this. There are kits out there for snow paint, but my way is pretty much free. It costs so little that I can’t even calculate it!

It is very quick and easy process to make your own snow paint.

First, you will need some containers. I use the plastic squirt bottles I was given at the hospital after the birth of each of my children, but you can use any inexpensive squirt or spray bottle–sports water bottles work really well for this.

Next, put a few drops of food coloring in each bottle and fill the bottles with warm water. That is all you need to do!

My kids love using this “paint” to draw masterpieces in the snow, and decorate their snow forts and sculptures. The colors and blend and mix in the snow to make some pretty cool effects. I usually have at least six bottles ready made, as the paint goes quickly.

Do you have any snow on the ground today?

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