Frugal Gifts for Teens

teen   Teenagers can be hard to purchase gifts for. They generally know more than you do about what is currently in, and most of the general gifts for teens fall into the electronics category which can get quite expensive. If you have a teen or two on your list, you might appreciate some good tips for getting them nice gifts while still staying on a budget. Here are some ideas.

Snack Basket

Teenagers are always hungry. Fill a basket or a box with yummy treats that they will be sure to appreciate. You can buy snacks in bulk and distribute them among gift baskets for many teens to save money, or just make most of the food gifts yourself from scratch. Homemade cookies will go over very well. Popcorn, chips, cheese and crackers, candy bars, fruit and pizza kits are just a few ideas to get you started.


Pajamas are a fun gift that teenage girls will really like. Make sure you choose a fun, bright pattern. Inexpensive pjs can usually be had at stores such as Kohls, Sears, Wal-Mart and Target. Add slippers and a robe, too, if you get a good deal.

Record a Video

A personalized gift such as a video will be treasured for years and years. For a cool teen or even a shy teen, record his or her friends saying nice things. You can also do a video scrapbook of memories in the teen’s life, places he has been, etc.

Dollar Store Beauty Items

The dollar store is a great source of inexpensive beauty items that look as though they cost quite a bit. There is usually a pretty big selection, so chances are that you will find something nice are high. There are even pre-packaged gift sets available for purchase.

Check back again. I have more frugal ideas for teens.

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