Frugal Housewarming Gifts

Whether you have a brand new neighbor or good friends who are moving to a new place, you can provide a wonderful and special housewarming gift that won’t break the budget. Here are some ideas.

Fresh from the garden

Why not take a look at your garden and divide some of your perennials? New plants and flowers might just be the thing to provide a nice welcome and give the new owners something special that they can plant right away. You can also offer to help plant, as part of the gift.

Picture perfect

Find a special picture of the new house. You can get a blueprint or aerial shot from the town hall, or just go ahead and take your own digital photo and have it enlarged. Frame the picture in a nice frame. It would be a nice keepsake for the family. Plus, if you opt for a photo of the house, you’ll have a ready made gift for years to come. You can take a new photo every five years that shows all of the changes that the family has made.

For the birds

Colorful song birds can be very welcoming. I enjoy watching them from my dining room window. A nice bird-feeder can be very inexpensive, especially if you are handy and can make one yourself from scratch. Add a bag of birdseed, and you will have a nice gift to present.

Dinner is ready

Why not prepare a couple of extra meals when you do your own cooking and freeze them. In the frantic days of moving in and unpacking, having some homemade meals ready to go will be a lifesaver for the family. Baked pasta dishes is pretty cheap, as is other meals when you get the ingredients on sale.

What was the best housewarming gift that you ever received?

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