Frugal Indoor Entertainment for Kids: Host a Fashion Show

We’ve been avoiding the outdoors like the plague lately. It’s chilly, brisk and almost slightly uncomfortable. I actually dislike it when it’s really cold one day and actually warm the next day. It’s the worst time of year and it’s when kiddo’s get sick the easiest. We try to entertain indoors as much as possible so we can avoid the craziness of the winter chill in the air.

We tried something fun – we hosted a fashion/music show. It was so easy and it lasted at least an hour or more, because the kids kept at it even after the adults had resumed normal everyday activities.

What you need is a nice size box of costumes, accessories, even some adult outfits, or anything you can think of. Think things like “loud” shirts, belts, hats, scarves, gloves, glasses, gaudy jewelry, etc. Regular Halloween costumes can work too.

Grab a CD or even just the radio will work. Throw a couple of towels on the floor or if you have a huge roll of paper, roll out the “carpet”. Crank up the music and let the kids try to find the most outlandish costumes and walk the carpet. It’s actually hilarious. They used different personalities for each combination of outfits they used.

To add a fun twist, we grabbed our Karaoke machine and popped in a CD. We let them perform when they got to the end of the carpet. But you don’t have to have a Karaoke machine to try this out. All you have to have is a song they know, and a hairbrush or other object that can be used as a microphone. You can even grab a digital camera and make them pose like the paparazzi do to the “real” stars.

This was an incredible afternoon of fun! The kids were able to be as loud and as silly as they wanted and not only were the kids entertained but the adults couldn’t stop laughing!

You have to try it and just let the kids use their imagination. Once they get started you will be amazed at what they will act out!

Have a great time!

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