Frugal Indoor Fun: Host a Party

Hosting a party is a fun way to entertain your children indoors. You don’t necessarily need to invite anyone else but your family, but if you do it’s even more fun! This article is assuming that you might invite a few friends to enjoy this fun activity with. Here are some ideas for fun parties that can be done anytime of year when you are stuck indoors.

Have a Sandwich Making Party

This is easy if you ask each child to bring one or two ingredients. Assign several different sandwich toppings: pickles, alfalfa sprouts, onions, grated cheese, sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, black olives, green olives, avocado, or anything else you can think of to add to a sandwich. Provide the option of ham or turkey and white bread, wheat bread or even a hoagie or round roll. Allow the kids the freedom to create and add whatever they want to their sandwiches. Encourage them to taste test several of the ingredients to see what they like and don’t like. Provide drinks and condiments. Afterwards watch a movie together or play some games.

Have a Cookie Decorating Party

Another really fun idea, especially at this time of year is to bake dozens of sugar cookies, invite your friends over and decorate cookies. Assign each friend and item to bring: sprinkles, different flavors of icing, chocolate chips, nuts, gummy lifesavers, red hots and any other type of candy you can use. The licorice ropes make great hair! Spend a few hours decorating cookies however you want. To get with the holiday season, cut the sugar cookies out with Holiday cookie cutters and allow them to decorate angels, and Christmas trees, wreaths and snowmen. Make some hot chocolate and eat some of your creations! Yummy!

Have a Ornament Making Party

Assign each child to pick out an ornament they’d like to make. They need to bring the supplies for each child who will be attending to make one. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for this one a quick search on the Internet will warrant LOADS of cute Christmas ornament ideas. Have each child show their ornament, and demonstrate how to make it. Then everyone will make one of those ornaments. Some of my favorites are pipe cleaner candy canes, clothespin reindeer and clear glass balls where you add the paint inside and swirl. There are dozens more creative and easy ideas that don’t take a long time to make and cost next to nothing.

Whatever type of party you decide to host, serve snacks and drinks, listen to holiday music and just have fun! It’s sure to get you right into that holiday spirit while keeping you nice and warm indoors!

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