Frugal Kids: Things to Do with Sugar Cubes

Looking for some great indoor crafts to keep the kids occupied in the cold weather? Why not try sugar cubes? For a few pennies, you can creatively occupy an afternoon.

In keeping with the winter theme, you can use the sugar cubes to make “ice castles” or “igloos.” Challenge the kids to build the longest, roundest or skinniest castle. Ask them to build the craziest design they can think of.

If you want the castles to outlast the building session, you can use white glue or even royal icing to hold the blocks together. I think it is more of a challenge if the kids just reply on balance alone, and you can then recycle the cubes for future building sessions. You can always take photos of the creations if you want to remember them.

With this craft, it is important to keep an eye on the kids when they are building, or a few sugar cubes may wind up inside of little bellies instead of on their buildings. My husband had to do this craft for a school project when he was in elementary school, and he still shudders remembering how sick he got from eating the sugar.

My own childhood is the inspiration for the next sugar cube activity. This is great for any kids who wants to try his or her hand at being a magician. Your budding magician will need a small cup of warm water, a sugar cube and a pencil for this activity.

Here is what he or she needs to do.

After showing his hands to the “audience” so they can see there is nothing unusual going on, the magician draws a smiley face in pencil on the sugar cube. He or she tells the audience that the sugar cube will dissolve and the smiley face will float to the top of the water and be “caught.”

For the next step, the magician then drops the cube in the water to dissolve and holds his or her hand above the water, covering the cup. When the magician lifts his hand, he or she can show it to the audience. There, imprinted on the magician’s thumb is the smiley face!

What is the secret? The magician presses his or her thumb to the sugar cube where the writing is, as the sugar cube is being placed in the water.

Do you have any fun and frugal activities for kids? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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