Frugal Living for Large Families

many feet Have you seen the news today? The Duggars announced that they are pregnant with their 18th child. While that is one of the extreme example’s of large families, the truth is that many families are choosing to go larger these days. And with larger families sometimes come creative budgeting. Whether you have a larger family or are just thinking about one, here are some great tips on frugal living for large families.

Food is probably one of the biggest expenses with larger families. No matter how else you chose to live, everyone wants and needs to eat. Buying in bulk can really pay off in a larger family. You can take advantage of large size discounts, knowing that you will be using up everything before it spoils or expires. But don’t limit your bulk buying to just traditional warehouse stores. Instead, you may be able to leverage your large needs to shop at restaurant supply stores, bakery supply stores and other warehouses.

Clothes can be another expense, but here is where large families have an advantage. If you choose your clothing wisely it can really pay off. Just think about it. You can stretch the cost of one item of clothing to be worn by many people. Some things to consider: Buy top quality clothing new or used for the eldest child; choose classic or basic styles and colors, staying away from trends; extend the wear of the clothing by treating stains immediately, washing clothing gently and line drying it; patch jeans with scraps of other jeans; keep an outgrown clothing file with organized and labeled storage.

Entertainment can be a big expense, especially when you go out. At $10 a ticket plus snacks, a movie can cost as much as a week of groceries. The main idea is to take advantage of your big family. You can often get group discounts at entertainment venues, such as admission to theme parks. Take advantage of places where you pay by the car full instead of paying by the individual, and consider entertainment that doesn’t cost more per person. Borrowing a movie from the library or renting one doesn’t cost any more no matter how many people watch it at once.

Do you have any tips for large families?

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