Frugal Living for Large Families – A Whole Different Story

Large families are becoming increasingly more and more common. Mostly because of the step family or blended family generation, however some families are still choosing to expand the traditional way too. With the increase of larger families, it is an important area to consider in the topic of frugal living. Not only is parenting a larger family a challenge, but so are many other aspects of the large family dynamics.

It seems difficult to save money when you have a large family. With an increase in monthly bills, groceries, gifts, clothes and other items, it doesn’t seem possible. However, it is entirely possible to cut costs, save money and live frugally, even in a large family.

It doesn’t work a whole lot different than a regular frugal living plan, actually. It’s the same concept. Shop with coupons, look for sales, buy clothing off season, etc. Take advantage of discounts for large groups when you travel, or are seeking entertainment. Even if there are only seven of you, and the large groups are ten, often if you ask, you will receive a discount of some kind. There are lots of ways you can save as a larger family, even when you don’t feel as if you are.

After watching a special documentary on the Duggar family, a family with 16 children and a 17th baby girl on the way, I took notice of some of the things that they do – not just on saving money but on their family management strategies as well. Another important factor in a frugal living lifestyle. Michelle and Jim Bob are two of the sweetest people I think I have ever seen with so many kids. In fact, more power to them, because I cannot imagine living with so many kids, and yes, much like Michelle who I admire greatly, I love children too. However, besides patience and kindness, there is so much more we can learn from this family.

In addition to studying the Duggar family, I examined my own money saving techniques that have had to be fine tuned, and specialized for my large family of seven. I have compiled them into articles to help others in similar situations to myself (not the Duggar family) succeed in their quest for a frugal lifestyle.

Please join me during the month of August, when my main focus is on large families, and their specific challenges in the frugal living arena. Watch the frugal blog for great articles, the food blog for great recipes, the photography blog for great photo tips for the large family and the scrapbooking blog for ways to get your children involved in scrapbooking with you.