Frugal Living Week in Review: December 3rd through December 9th

Can you believe that it is just a few more weeks until Christmas? I have to confess that I don’t even have all of my decorations up or shopping and gift making done, yet. I hope you are doing better in that department than I am! This past week, we have had plenty of holiday articles, from decorating to gift giving ideas, all crafted with tips to save you money this season.

Here is the Frugal Living blog week in review for December 3rd through December 9th

December 3rd

Free Land

In the heart of American, towns from far and wide are offering free land for the taking. If you are ready to be a modern day settler, you can snatch up the opportunity to own your own piece of land for absolutely nothing.

Frugal Living Week in Review: November 26th Through December 2nd

It is finally December. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. It has been a year now, since I first started blogging here at in the Frugal Living Blog. A lot has happened in the world and in my own life. I continue to be in awe of anyone who practices a frugal lifestyle, and I have learned many different ways to save money. I can’t wait to learn even more. I hope that we can help each other in our efforts to save money and provide for our family.

December 4th

Which Saves More? Answers to Tough Questions (1)

Sometimes it is hard to tell which way an activity will save you more money. For example, does leaving the lights on when you are going to re-enter a room save more money than shutting them off and then on again? Does taking a bath save more water than a shower? And what about the idea of shutting off your refrigerator for most of the day as opposed to just leaving it on all of the time. With the price of heating water these days, are disposable diapers a better bet than cloth? Does a slow cooker save money over an oven? And there are many more of these types of questions to ponder. Did you know the right answers?

Which Saves More? Answers to Tough Questions (2)

We are answering those tough frugal questions that stump many of us in our quest to save the most that we can and be good stewards of our resources. In part one of this series, we covered whether leaving lights on when you are going back in the room saves money, and whether a shower or a bath saves the most. You might be surprised by the correct answers to these question

Frugal Ideas for Pets

Did you know that you can save money even when it comes to your pets? Here is a roundup of ideas that you can use to make Fido and Fluffy very frugal.

The Frugal Fanatic Returns

It has only been a little over a month since I last posted an article here at and it feels like forever. I sure have missed it and I am really happy to be back. I took a month off of article writing to work on a book that I am writing, and several other smaller projects, and I am now back in full force and happy to be here!

December 5th

3 Easy ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

Here are some sure wire ways to lower your electric bill. Try one of them or all of them. The more you do, the more energy savings you will have. Here is a quick checklist. Go around your home and see what you can easily tackle. The effort will result in extra money in your bank account.

Frugal Stocking Stuffers Under $5.00

One of the things I take very seriously every Christmas is filling those lonely dangling stockings to the hilt with practical, affordable yet fun, stocking stuffers. Typically I get started before December rolls around, whenever I see a bargain or discount or something that would suit perfectly for a stocking stuffer.

More Frugal Stocking Stuffers Under $5.00

Isn’t Christmas time beautiful? I love the beauty and serenity of this time of year, the problem is that many people get lost and don’t see it that way. They get caught up in the tradition of spending money and not focusing on what matters most. I’m sure you can learn a lot more about that in the Christian Blog.

December 6th

Choosing a Frugal Christmas Tree

How will you choose a Christmas tree that beautiful but still frugal? Trees vary in price, so be sure to keep this guide in mind when you go shopping. It will help you make the best decision and save the most money, while still having a wonderful Christmas tree.

Frugal Stocking Stuffers Under $1.00

Perhaps your budget doesn’t warrant a $5.00 window on stocking stuffers, and instead you need to keep your costs down further. That’s fine. There are dozens of ideas for cute stocking stuffers, and remember – check out the dollar store, because that is the first place you will find loads of great items.

Pouring Money Out the Door

I am the morning person in the family. I wake up before everyone else, so I can get the household started. I get out of bed, make lunches, lay out clothing, unload the dishwasher, do some light cleaning, do some freelance writing and wake everyone else up, all before taking a shower. My husband, on the other hand is a night owl. He tends to stay up late paying bills, taking out the recycling and doing small handyman projects before bed.

More Frugal Stocking Stuffers For Under $1.00

I love getting things for less, and there are so many wonderful stocking stuffers that are available for a dollar or less. Use your creativity and imagination and you will easily fill up a stocking on little or no money.

Christmas Scrooge or Holiday Angel?

Here in the Frugal Living Blog, we talk a lot about how to save money and be thrifty. And now that we are in the middle of the holiday season, we are focusing a lot on having a frugal Christmas, from decorating to gift giving. We pinch those pennies and make our money go as far as it can. But, as you know, there is a difference between being frugal and being stingy. Sometimes, our frugality makes us better people beyond saving money. How?

December 7th

Last Minute Frugal Gift Ideas (1)

Have you ever waited until the last minute to do your shopping for someone or even for most of the people on your shopping list? Well, it happens to the best of us even when we don’t mean for it to. There are some very easy ways to avoid this happening, by stocking up throughout the year so that you have nice things on hand to give when you receive an unexpected gift or your put it off until the last minute. But not all of us plan ahead or remember to purchase things on clearance throughout the year.

Last Minute Frugal Gift Ideas (2)

Still trying to find that perfect last minute gift for someone on your shopping list? Or perhaps you found yourself the recipient of an unexpected gift from a friend, neighbor or co-worker. The frugal side of me says we don’t have to get a gift for every person that buys for us, especially if we wouldn’t normally exchange with that person. However, the practical side of me tells me that I love to give gifts and that I would feel horribly guilty at not getting them at least something.

Wrapping Large Presents the Frugal Way

Have you ever tried to wrap a large gift? It can take an entire roll of wrapping paper, or sometimes even two rolls, depending on what you have and the size of the gift. That is definitely not frugal, especially if you didn’t take advantage of last year’s after holiday sales to stock up on wrapping paper.

Free Hazardous Waste

How can free hazardous waste be frugal? And why would anyone even want any? Read on to find out how you can profit from hazardous waste. No, this isn’t a joke.

December 8th

How Buying Gifts Each Month Can NOT Be Frugal

Creating a title for this article was difficult, because I always recommend that people purchase gifts throughout the year to make Christmas a bit easier on the budget, it is an extremely frugal thing to do. People tend to overspend when faced with the daunting task of shopping for everyone on their Christmas list in November and December.

A Great Gift that is Frugal and Patriotic

Looking for an inexpensive gift that will thrill anyone who is a veteran or patriotic? This idea is unique and costs only $20 or less.

Gift of the Month Club

Here is another great frugal idea that makes a lasting impression. It won’t cost much, especially if you are creative. You can adapt this gift to fit your budget. Another way that this gift is very frugal, is that it spreads the cost of a big gift out over the entire year (or six months, if you choose), so you aren’t hit with a big bill. Many ideas that you can include are free or under $10.

Buy Debit Merchandise to Save

Have you heard of debit merchandise? Knowing where to find it can save you big bucks. And just after the holidays is the best time to find it. What is debit merchandise? Read this article to find out all about it.

December 9th

Solving the Discount Store Problem

Discount stores, such as T.J. Max, Ross, Marshalls, etc. can be a great way to save money on top-notch designer clothing and accessories. Name-brand items often sell for 30 percent of their original value at these types of places. But, there is one problem with these stores that most people have. Here is a way to solve that problem.

Frugal Sewing Tips

Sewing your own garments and linens can definitely save you a lot of cash. But did you know that there are tips to make the most of your sewing to save pennies more? Here are some frugal sewing tips that I have collected.

Create Beautiful Gift Certificates Online

There is no doubt that making your own gift certificates is a great way to be frugal during the holidays. You can customize your gift to fit anyone. The best part about creating your own gift certificate is that you can choose to give a gift of time, something that may not cost any actual money but will make a large impact.

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