Frugal Living Week in Review for August 6th-12th, 2007

Saving money is a wonderful thing. Finding new ways to save is even better. We here in the frugal living blog, strive to make things easier by finding the ways for you, and then giving you the information.

So what’s been happening in frugal living this week?

Decorate on a Dime – The Basics (2)

Looking to start a home decorating project, but don’t have a lot of money? Decorating your home is expensive, yet often makes your home feel better and more relaxing. So how do you go about decorating an entire home, yet saving money in the process? Read on.

Decorate on a Dime – The Basics (1)

Decorating a house is how many homeowners make it feel like a home. The cost of decorating however, can eat a real whole in a families budget, and can really get expensive. Knowing how to do it right, can help save money in the long run, and allow more freedom and flexibility in your style.

More New and Frugal Uses for Newspapers

With all the newspapers we wind up with, from the weekly city post to the smaller community papers, it seems like they stack up fast. We use our newspapers to wrap up breakable items for packing or even shipping out.

Frugal Uses for Newspapers

Lying around our house we have tons of newspapers, which we were saving to pack things for moving. However, we have plenty more than we need. I wondered if there were things you could do with newspapers besides recycling them or using them to wrap fragile items for moving.

Frugal Drain Cleaner

If you have slow drains but don’t want to spend a lot on commercial drain cleaners, you can try this trick. It doesn’t use harsh chemicals, so it is safe for septic tanks and can be used over and over again.

More Frugal Uses for Bricks

Bricks are one of those universal objects that have more uses than we are immediately aware of. First, they look gorgeous on a house, but there is so much more you can do with them.

Make Your Car Smell Nice and Save Money

Want a really frugal way to make your car smell wonderful? Here is a simply trick that will save you money over those commercial car fresheners. Sometimes odor in your car just can’t be avoided.

Solutions for A Frugal Weekend

I tried to have a frugal weekend, did you? Did you spend or save this weekend? Share your experiences at the end of this post! As usual, we tried to be very frugal this past weekend. Weekends are usually the tough days for frugality for my family.

Frugal Uses for Bricks

You read that right, bricks – frugal uses for bricks. I chose to find uses for bricks based on two of my neighbors and their plentiful amount of leftover bricks from various projects that currently are sitting in their back yards.

Using Combinations to Save Money

If you take advantage of every opportunity to be frugal, you’ll soon find yourself practicing combinations. What are combinations? Well, they are a lot like multitasking. By making certain logical combinations, you can save money. (And yes, I am a fan of the television show, “Numbers.

Start Your Christmas Shopping Now

You heard me right, start Christmas shopping now. With the end of the season clearance prices on everything from toys and clothes, to gadgets and gaming electronics, its the perfect time to start stocking up for Christmas.

Does Bagged Produce Save You Money?

Those pre-selected bags of produce seem to save you money, but do they? Actually, it depends on a couple of factors. This question was recently posed to me by a member, reader and fellow frugal person here at

Frugal Brownie Mixes

Just the other day, I posted an article about saving money on those expensive cookie mixes. Prepared food, such as cookie mixes can be a very expensive addition to your grocery bill. Well a comment by a reader asked if I had any ideas for frugal brownies intead of cookies.

Plan Ahead to Save Money

Something I learned early on, while working on a frugal lifestyle, is to plan ahead. It is the only sure fire method to ensure you are actually going to save money on everything you do. Planning ahead is the ticket to see whats in the future.

15 Creative Uses for Muffin Pans

Muffin pans can be had very cheaply at almost any yard sale or thrift store. There are so many creative and frugal uses for muffin pans. Here are just a few.

Muffin Tins and Chicken Stock

If you don’t have a muffin tin, go right out to your local yard sale or thrift store now and pick one up. Or, better yet, pick up several. You’ll be sure to find quite a few of the muffin tins available of pennies. There are so many ways that muffin tins can save you money.

Gift Shopping Year Round

It is a sure bet you have heard this from me before, and it is a sure bet you will hear it from me again. Shopping for birthdays, and holidays is expensive, especially when it is last minute and not planned. So rectify that by shopping for gifts year round.

4 Ways Clutter Can Cost You Money

It seems as if we are constantly on a mission to de-clutter our home. Things, especially toys, seem to keep on creeping in.

Going Barefoot Can Save Money

Summer is a great time to go barefoot. And if you do it often, especially in your home, you are being frugal. How? Well read the rest of this article to find out both the reasons going barefoot can save you money and how to convince your friends and family to do the same.

Where to Frugally Store Your Bulk Food Purchases

Storing large amounts of food can be challenging for those with small kitchens, no pantry space, barely any cabinet space or any number of other problems. Apartment dwellers often have the biggest problems and for many they are on a much tighter budget so purchasing in bulk is important for them.

Save on Cookie Mixes

There is no doubt that store bought cookie mixes are very convenient. They taste a bit more like homemade that boxed or bagged cookies do. But these mixes are very expensive, even when you count in coupons and sales.

Frugal Living Week in Review for July 30th to August 5th, 2007

The frugal living blog has been full of activity this week, with articles of all kinds, offering you ways to save money. For most families, saving money is important to allow them to have money for other things.

Best Buys for August

August seems to be the month for back to school deals. And while that is very true, there are some other unexpected items that are available at great deals. Now is the best time to buy these items before prices soar. So let’s start with back to school deals.

How To Frugally Store Large Purchases of Bulk Items

A box of snacks from the bulk food warehouse, can have fifty individual packets inside one large box. A package of hamburger meat can be 4-6lbs worth. Face it, bulk is bulky, it is large, it is plentiful and it is darn difficult to store.

More Budget Baking (and Cooking) Substitutions

If you need to prepare a frugal meal, but you are missing a key ingredient, there is no need to panic or run to the store. Save time and money with some budget baking and cooking budget substitutions.