Frugal Living Week in Review: January 28th Through February 3rd

Did you keep warm this week? Yesterday was such a nice day that we took advantage of it an went out for a long outdoor outing before the Super Bowl. We got a lot of fresh air and exercise all for free!

This past week, we shared some ideas for keeping warm with a low thermostat, temptations, library and laundry tricks and some ideas for Valentines Day. Here are all of the articles, in case you missed any. Thanks for reading.

January 28th

Frugal Week in Review: January 21st Through January 27th

With talk of a recession, many more people are examining the frugal lifestyle. It just makes sense. For those of us to whom living frugally is just part of our lives, batting down the hatches and finding ways to save even more is a good thing. This past week, we have had some interesting articles, such as ones examining wringer washers and crockpots. Don’t miss them!

Frugal Temptations Too

I’ve been recently talking about the frugal temptations that we faced on last week’s visit to the grocery store. Shopping at the grocery store is always an adventure, especially when we do it all together, me, my husband and our three young children. My eldest, who is six, is starting to get the lessons of living frugally, and he had to face his own temptation in the form of a “cool” new shake and pour pancake mix. You can read all about that temptation and how he handled it by clicking here: Frugal Temptations.

What Will You Do with Your Tax Rebate?

All over the news is a proposed economic stimulus that would come in the form of a tax rebate for Americans. The rebate, if it is confirmed, could provide married couples $1,200 or more, plus another $300 per child. (Singles would receive $600.) The tax rebate check is intended to get Americans to spend the money out in the retail world, to boost the economy and provide more jobs.

January 29th

Surviving a Low Thermostat

With heating costs being higher than ever, many of us are inching the thermostat lower and lower to save some money. There are plenty of strategies to save money on heating, such as installing a programmable thermostat, using zones heating, sealing up cracks, etc. But this blog isn’t about all of that. Instead, I’ll share some ways that you can be more comfortable in your home, even if you turn the temperature down.

January 30th

Surviving a Low Thermostat (2)

In yesterday’s article, I talked about some practical ways that you can feel comfortable in your home while keeping the thermostat down low. This can save you a ton of money, especially with today’s rising costs in home heating oil, gas and electricity. If you missed that article, you can click here to read it now. Surviving a Low Thermostat.

Frugal Valentine’s Day Fun For Kids (1)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and the excitement in the air that always happens when a holiday approaches and you have kids, it is time to start thinking of some special activities to do with the kids. Valentine’s Day is about those we love and our children are tops on that list. So why not have some fun with them and try out some of these ideas.

Surviving a Low Thermostat (3)

We have been talking about ways to make it easier to feel comfortable while keeping the thermostat low to save on heating costs. I have found that we have been saving a lot by putting up with a cooler home this during this winter. Along the way, I’ve learned a few things that has helped us feel more comfortable. And as an added bonus, I find that our bodies more adjusted to the outdoors, so we can spend more time going for walks, playing in the backyard and exploring a local botanical garden (Yes there is still plenty to do there.)

Frugal Valentine’s Day Fun For Kids (2)

Want some more fun ideas to do with your kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Then don’t look any further and you will find lots of fun ways to enjoy this holiday for very little money.

Do What You Can and Save Money

If you have been reading my articles over at the Home Blog, you know that we will be having carpet installed in our family room. (If you missed that article, you can click here to read it: Adventures in Carpeting.)

January 31st

Reducing the Refrigerator

In this day and age everything seems to be super sized. But, there are times when smaller is better. Here is how to replace that current refrigerator with a different system that will save you money.

February 1st

Surviving a Low Thermostat (4)

How are you doing today with your low thermostat? Are you feeling comfortable? If not, you can read some more of these tips that will allow you to feel warm, even if you turn the thermostat down low.

February 3rd

Fun and Free Things to Do on a Saturday

I don’t know about you, but Saturdays always seem to be a day where we spend. Whether it is some activity that costs money, eating a meal out or shopping for something, the money seems to fly out of the budget.

More Cheap Laundry Tricks

Want to make your clothes last longer or have stubborn stains come out even if you are away from home at the time? Try these cheap laundry tricks that are sure to make you save some money. And if you missed the first blog about Cheap Laundry Tricks, just click here.

February 3rd

Library Tricks

Of course the library can be a wealth of frugality, but did you know that there are a few tricks that can help make the library even more of an asset? That is right. You can take a frugal and wonderful thing such as the free library and make it work even more for you. Here is how.

More Library Tricks

In the previous article I talked about some tricks that you can use to save even more when you use your local public library. Among the tips were ways to save on late fees and on gas. Here is one more tip on late fees: ask the library to wave the fee! If you don’t make a habit of it, then they probably will be happy to remove the fee for you. That is a neat little secret, huh?

9 Quick Tips to Conserve Heat

February is statistically the month with the highest heating bills of the year. Maybe that is why it is also the month of love–lots of snuggling under blankets. Hey, there is a quick tip to help conserve heat! For eight more, see below.

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