Frugal Mother’s Day

pink rose What can be done for Mother’s Day when there is not a lot of money in the budget to spare? Try one of the following ideas. You can use them for your own mom or, if you are a mom yourself, suggest them to your family. Great gifts can come in frugal packages.

If you are looking for a traditional Mother’s Day Gift, try some flowers. Flowers don’t always have to be expensive. You can hand deliver a bouquet of flowers that came straight from your own garden, and mom would probably love the visit. Use a vase that you might have saved from a past floral delivery or purchase one for pennies at the thrift store. You can also decorate a pretty jam or pasta sauce jar using squares of colored tissue paper glued around the outside.

Get a good deal at the florist by selecting a single bud or flower. Generally the cost of the vase, the flower and babies breath will come to about $5, and they will deliver it, too.

Offer a mom the gift of a “desert of the month” club. Make a wonderful desert for Mother’s Day and then promise to deliver a new desert each month for the rest of the year.

Pick a fun and free outing to do together, one that you might not usually do. One Mother’s Day, my family took me to Cape May, NJ, and we enjoyed walking around, enjoying the sites and getting home made ice cream.

Give the gift of a Saturday “work day,” in which you help around the house, doing all of those little things that need to be done but that mom doesn’t have the time or the ability to do. This is an especially nice gift for an elderly mom. The gift of time is more valuable than any store bought gift. You can do anything that mom wants, from hanging pictures to painting a room, cleaning out a garage or running errands.

What was your favorite Mother’s Day gift?

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