Frugal Scrapbooking: Mother’s Day

Is your mom one of those that has everything? Mine is not a “things person” and already has what she wants. So what do I do for Mother’s Day, knowing that she doesn’t like clutter and doesn’t really need anything? We thought and thought, and my brother came up with the solution. It was brilliant.

I’m one of eleven children (hooray for big families, the best thing you can give your child!). We’re scattered throughout the country, and even overseas. Doug had the bright idea to use our digital cameras to shoot Mother’s Day greetings from around the globe. He started it, with his BDUs at his “desk job” in Iraq. We all followed. My professor brother from Napa set his up with wine bottles at a bistro table. My dorkus-malorkus Navy pilot brother dressed in sandbox garb with a turban and refused to divulge his location, claiming he was undercover. The rest sent various poses, all with the Happy Mother’s Day sign, date, and their location. We live in a rural area that is hillbilly-heavy. So we dressed the part! Barefoot, blackened teeth, and disheveled. It got a good laugh. No, you can’t see it; it’s much too embarrassing! I think we’ve started a tradition, and it’s a good one. I’m already planning for this year’s.

I scrapped the photos on a two-page spread. It was tempting to put them in order of cleverness, but I opted instead to do it by age. It’s a reminder to her of just how much she is loved every time she looks at it. Much more so than a new tablecloth or vase.

Most moms are really sentimental, and sentimental gifts from their children are the best ones. Even if you are only one or two, you might consider a digital gift. Especially if there are grandchildren. You could do a greeting from each of them. For moms who are miles away, it’s one of those ways to keep connected.