Frugal Spring Gardening Tips

spring flowers You can save your money and still have a wonderful garden. It is all in how you go about it. Use the following spring gardening tips to ensure a beautiful garden for half the price.

Concentrate on Perennials

While annuals can give you an immediate burst of color, I like to center my gardening around perennials because they grow year after year. You can plant them once and they will return and in some cases spread with new plants for you.

When purchasing perennial plants opt for smaller ones in four-inch pots. They will be less expensive. These small plants will grow and catch up to the more expensive quart plants by the following year.

If you do want immediate results, sow some annuals from seed, the least expensive option, to fill in while you want for the young perennials to mature.

Divide and Conquer

Take stock of what you currently have and then take the time to divide existing plants and start new ones. You’ll wind up with more plants without any additional cost. Spring is the perfect time to do this. Beside dividing perennials, consider other spring plants and trees, such as forsythia, which can be started just by using cutting branches from an existing tree.

Comb through your property. You may just find a plant or two out of place. Moving existing plants to other spots may make a postive impact on your landscaping.

Swap and Share

If you have any plants left over from your dividing and thinning, consider using them to swap for other plants for your garden. Neighbors may have something interesting to swap with you that will add to your cache of plants, again, without any cost involved.

Walk around your neighborhood and admire the plantings. Friendly neighbors may even be willing to give you a couple of plants or cuttings if you ask.

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