Frugal Uses For Club Soda

Club soda has many great uses beyond a delicious drink. It is also inexpensive and easy to find. Finding creative uses for products I have in my home regularly, is important to me. It helps me keep my frugal lifestyle and save money purchasing several separate products that can do the same thing.


Club soda can be used to help keep porcelain sinks and fixtures clean. Pour it right over the mess and use a paper towel to wipe it up. It cleans quickly and effectively. Also cleans counters, and other surfaces easily. Club soda can remove rust stains too. Just pour the liquid on and allow to sit for a moment. Wipes away easily.


Club soda has been known to remove many types of stains. Wine is the most popular, however most food stains can be removed with blotting club soda onto the stain. Blood, and grease can also be removed using club soda, and it works on clothing, fabrics, upholstery and carpet. Just pour onto the stain, and rub it in. Allow it to sit a few minutes before removing.

In the car

Need to quickly remove bugs, grease or stains off your windows in your car? Use club soda. Keep a spray bottle in your car for quick clean ups. It can also keep chrome shiny. Just spray and wipe. Stains on carpet and seats can also be removed using club soda. It can help remove rust too.


Substitute the water or milk called for in a recipe, with club soda for fluffier pancakes, cookies, waffles and cakes. You can also use club soda for extending drinks. For instance, make a pitcher or Kool-aid or fruit juice, and then add club soda to make it sparkle, loads of fun and taste great, but saving money at the same time!

Other odd, but practical uses:

You can use club soda to water your plants. First make sure that it has gone flat, and then pour it in, just as you would water. The minerals are great for your plants. Clean jewelry with club soda, and it will sparkle and shine. Gems look brand new after a cleaning with club soda. It’s great for soothing an upset stomach. Just drink a glass and you’ll feel better quickly. Know that familiar green hair, that blond haired people get when they swim in chlorine? Well, club soda will help take it out. Just rinse your hair with the club soda, allow it to soak for just a minute and then rinse clean.

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