Frugal Uses For Tin Foil (1)

Aluminum foil, or “tin foil” as I prefer to call it, is a frequently stockpiled item at my house. Not only do I love using it in my kitchen for various things, it seems to come in handy in practically every other room in the house!

Over the years I have tried various things, or have collected ideas from my grandmothers, or other family members, using tin foil.

I have compiled these into a series of articles all dealing with frugal uses for tin foil! Be sure and check out the frugal living blog frequently, so you don’t miss any of the articles! Plus, you will find tons of additional articles on using common household items in new and exciting ways, saving you money at the same time!


I use tin foil to cover my baking sheets when I am making cookies or brownies, chicken nuggets, toasted ravioli or whatever dinner has in store that requires the oven. This makes it easier for clean up – just pull the tin foil up and throw it away. You can even reuse the tin foil on multiple bakes!


If you are in the middle of a painting project, and need to come back to it later, don’t throw the paints away and don’t bother cleaning the brushes either. Just wrap in tin foil or leave the paints on the tin foil and place them in the freezer. When you are getting ready to begin again, just pull them out, defrost for about an hour or so, and then get back to work.


You can polish chrome finishes with tin foil. Just wad the tin foil into a ball and gently rub the foil on the surface. It will shine like new and is easy to do!

Keep It Cold

On really hot days, you can keep your drinks colder outside by wrapping a piece of tin foil around your cup or glass. You can even etch a name onto the tin foil to keep track of who’s glass belongs to who.

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