Frugal Uses For Tin Foil (2)

I love finding new ways to use common household items! With stockpiles of product, there are so many different ways to use up all that stuff. Tin foil is no exception as I’ve shown you in the article Frugal Uses for Tin Foil.

Over the years I have tried various things, or have collected ideas from my grandmothers, or other family members, using tin foil.

I have compiled these into a series of articles all dealing with frugal uses for tin foil! Be sure and check out the frugal living blog frequently, so you don’t miss any of the articles! Plus, you will find tons of additional articles on using common household items in new and exciting ways, saving you money at the same time!

Camping Food

Tin foil comes in handy on camping trips. You can place ingredients into a piece of tin foil that you have molded into a “packet” shape and hold it above the campfire. In only a short period of time, a delicious meal with be ready and clean up is a snap – simply throw the “tin foil packet” away. You can also take a piece of bread, put some cheese on it, close it with another piece of cheese, wrap it in tin foil and either hold it over the campfire or use an iron and iron the outside of the tin foil. A delicious grilled cheese sandwich will be ready in minutes. You can do the same thing in a hotel room for a quick snack – just use those cute little irons they have in the room. A great quick snack!

Painting Doors

When you are painting doors or windows, cover the handles or knobs in tin foil to eliminate splatters and drips!

Funnel of Fun

You can create a make shift funnel for anything – cooking, placing oil in your car, etc. by using a piece of tin foil. Double it up and wrap it in a cone like shape. Tear the end and there you have it!

Hot Cross Buns

Want to keep rolls warmer, longer? Place a piece of tin foil in the bottom of a basket or serving container. Place a napkin on top and the rolls on top of that. The tin foil will help insulate the heat and keep the rolls fresh and warm!

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