Frugal Uses For Tin Foil (3)

I love finding new ways to use common household items! With stockpiles of product, there are so many different ways to use up all that stuff. Tin foil is no exception as I’ve shown you in the articles Frugal Uses for Tin Foil (1) and Frugal Uses for Tin Foil (2) .

Over the years I have tried various things, or have collected ideas from my grandmothers, or other family members, using tin foil.

I have compiled these into a series of articles all dealing with frugal uses for tin foil! Be sure and check out the frugal living blog frequently, so you don’t miss any of the articles! Plus, you will find tons of additional articles on using common household items in new and exciting ways, saving you money at the same time!

Sitting By The Fire

We use tin foil in our fireplace to help make clean up easy and quick. Take two large pieces and make a large basket shape with them. Just fold them and mold them together until you have a nice size. Place underneath the rack in the fireplace, and put your wood in. When the fire is in full swing the ashes and pieces of burnt wood will fall into your tin foil basket. When the fire is out, and the ashes have cooled, clean up is a snap. Just throw the tin foil basket away, or be even more frugal and dump it in the trash and reuse the basket multiple times!

Burner Catch All

Your stove top has four burner catcher’s (for lack of a better term) that catch messes, spills and crumbs. Cleaning them can be quite a chore. If you wrap them in tin foil after cleaning them, the next time that you need to clean them is quick and easy – just pull the tin foil off and dispose of it. Then wrap it up again. The little burner catcher’s stay clean because the tin foil gets dirty instead!

Rust Remover

You can remove the rust on the bumper of your car, or on your bicycle by crumpling up a piece of tin foil and rubbing the rust off. To remove it even faster, dip the tin foil into cola first. The cola eats the rust off as you are rubbing it.

The Cats In The Bag

Need a quick toy for your cat? Or just trying to be creative? The cost of pet toys has gone dramatically through the roof. Crumble up a ball or two of tin foil and watch them have hours of fun! More innovative cheap pet toys can be found in the frugal blog in upcoming articles.

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