Frugal Uses For Tin Foil (4)

I love finding new ways to use common household items! With stockpiles of product, there are so many different ways to use up all that stuff. Tin foil is no exception as I’ve shown you in the articles Frugal Uses for Tin Foil (1), Frugal Uses for Tin Foil (2) and Frugal Uses for Tin Foil (3).

Over the years I have tried various things, or have collected ideas from my grandmothers, or other family members, using tin foil.

I have compiled these into a series of articles all dealing with frugal uses for tin foil! Be sure and check out the frugal living blog frequently, so you don’t miss any of the articles! Plus, you will find tons of additional articles on using common household items in new and exciting ways, saving you money at the same time!


You can use foil in craft projects. You can wrap items in foil to make them decorative, spray paint on the surface for a antique look. You can also use foil as a clean up for messy projects. Just place a piece of tin foil on your surface, put the project on top and any drippings or other messes are contained right there and can easily be thrown away.

It’s my Place

Tin foil can be a fun way to keep meal time neat. Tear off a piece of use it instead of a place mat. Children can even decorate them! When the meal is over, throw it away, or see if you can reuse it a few more times!

Wrap It Up

When camping, hiking, fishing or just spending some quality outdoor time, wrap items that need to stay dry in tin foil. The tin foil keeps the item dry and ready to use when you need it.

Batteries Stay in Place

You can use a piece of tin foil to hold batteries in place if you’ve lost the cover to the battery compartment. Crumple up a small piece and wedge in between the batteries. It helps to hold them in place. You can also do the same thing if the spring that holds the battery in place is broken. Tear a small piece of foil, crumple it up and place it between the battery and the spring. Works as good as new!

I hope you have found these ideas useful and that you will continue to share any new ideas you might come up with for using tin foil!

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